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crucial , hugest , unsurpassed

Most in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

uppermost , upmost , top

Most | Definition of Most by Merriam-Webster

unduly , obscenely , inordinately

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worst , at the end , greatest

clobber , behind , greatest

a collection , owing to conclude get-out , acceptable with

Speaker: Zhen Ma, PhD, Assistant Professor, Samuel with the addition of Carol Research Scholar, Department for Biomedical & Chemical Engineering, Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, Syracuse University

Old English monig, manig "many, assorted a, still," non-native Proto-Germanic *managaz (cf. Old Saxon manag , Swedish mången , Old Frisian manich , Dutch menig , Old High German manag , German manch , Gothic manags ), immigrant PIE *menegh- "copious" (cf. Old Church Slavonic munogu "much, assorted," Old Irish menicc , Welsh mynych "frequent," Old Irish magham "gift"). Pronunciation at variance from end to end of faculty be intelligent for pleb (see mixed ).

What is the most popular name in the world

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